“I love Nancy’s voice and demeanor as she imparts the information warmly. It was very engaging for me. I love the many encouraging words: ride the waves, be patient when responding to others in a positive way, avoid negativity, ask meaningful questions to understand, and not be judgmental.”

Really Timely

“I am thinking this was REALLY timely. I am feeling very excited to try. I will try to practice this more.”

“All the tips and actionable tools to tackle having challenging conversations”

“One thing I will do now is not get upset when other people appear ignorant.”

“A very emotive and passionate speaker who really helped bring the theory to life using great examples to explain everything.”

“Understanding my emotions that stop me from engaging is missing an opportunity and this is why things remain unresolved and you can lose friends over just not having a conversation. RIP great technique to ask questions then repair.”

Excellent Presenter

“Great presentation and excellent presenter! Thank you for providing us with the space to self-reflect and walk away with tools to share with our teams, students, and community!”

“I truly enjoyed this webinar and learned many techniques and motivational phrases which I am planning on implementing in my classroom. Thanks for sharing!”

“So helpful in my teams drive to build out equity in our SEL framework to embed in our system of instruction and culture. Thank you!”

“Useful information that can be used immediately with staff, district leaders and students.”

“This webinar was fabulously coordinated, engaging, and interactive. I could not put down my pen— I was scribbling notes the whole time!”

“Always a pleasure to hear Nancy Dome and the subjects she presents.”

Always Inspiring

“Dr. Dome is always inspiring and ahead of the curve. Thank you for these resources and helping move us forward!”

“Thank you for providing such relevant content!”

“I have learned important information today that I will apply in my classroom.”

“Thank YOU!!! I loved the PIN wheel feelings chart and First time watching a video. Very engaging.”

“I heard about many topics I had not heard before like RIR.”

“I enjoyed having that Nancy had us all interact with each other and speak out. Really great exercise and group.”

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