Dr. Nancy Dome

Dr. Nancy Dome is a renowned speaker, author, equity consultant, and communications expert, whose transformative approach helps educational agencies and businesses across the country navigate complex topics, build bridges, and work together for inclusive, impactful change.

Let’s Talk About Race

The safest path can feel like the one without dialogue in conversations about equity and diversity. What if you offend the other person? What if they challenge your beliefs? What if you ruin a relationship? 

When it comes to hard topics, effective communication skills are an asset, vulnerability is necessary, and forgiveness is vital. In Let’s Talk About Race (And Other Hard Things), communication expert and equity consultant Dr. Nancy Dome provides you with a framework to recognize feelings, interrupt flawed patterns, and repair relationships.

What Readers are Saying

“Having leaders in the world like Dr. Nancy Dome is a gift to all of us. Her expertise, proven framework, and compassionate heart offer individuals and organizations the opportunity to build bridges, strengthen relationships, and set clear boundaries. As a black woman in the diversity and inclusion space, she offers a coveted perspective and uniquely broadens the discussion. Having difficult but necessary conversations, especially at this juncture in history, is imperative to our collective growth, and Dr. Nancy Dome shows us the way.” – Rich Litvin, Founder of 4PC

“Compassionate Dialogue is how we will heal our communities, one conversation at a time. This book provides practical examples on how to effectively internalize the RIR protocol (Recognize, Interrupt, Repair). I have used the RIR Protocol to lead my school system, improving the way we interact with one another. This book helps us take a deeper dive so that we can engage ‘from a place of empathy. Empathy means feeling what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes, which is the level of understanding we’re looking for.” – Dr. Julie Vitale, Superintendent at Oceanside Unified School District

→ Learn the RIR Protocol™

A framework for engaging in Compassionate Dialogue® in order to address issues of inequity.

→ Develop Skills

Use the RIR Protocol™ to develop skills for self-reflection, effective communication and provides a common language for examining systemic issues that exist organizationally.

→ Explore and Practice

CDJ provides individuals and organizational workgroups with the space and community to explore implicit bias and practice the RIR (Recognize, Interrupt, Repair) Protocol™ for meaningful and compassionate dialogue at the personal and interpersonal levels.

Compassionate Dialogue Journey (CDJ)

The Compassionate Dialogue Journey provides a focused dive into important equity topics through brief lessons, videos, articles, activities, and short reflection opportunities.

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