“Great framework! I can think of at least two conversations in the past couple of weeks where this would have been really useful—one outside of work about climate change where I couldn’t think of a response, and one at work where I reacted badly to something I had a problem within a meeting.” – Paul L., Bupa Global

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In a culture where disconnection and division rule, Nancy is a breath of fresh air. With her unique blend of empathy, vulnerability, and unflinching honesty, she guides audiences beyond the thorniness of difficult topics to discover the humanity at their center, revealing a place where connection can take root and thrive

Your team will walk away with a new perspective, an appreciation for Compassionate Dialogue®, and a reason to believe they can work together to achieve a culture of respect and belonging.

For groups of 10 or 10,000, Dr. Dome provides insightful keynotes and engaging, interactive working sessions.


“Dr. Dome always educates with insight and dynamism.”

“Dr. Dome is very positive and respectful to everyone’s thoughts, ideas and opinions.”

“I cannot think of anyone better to lead us through this journey than Dr. Nancy Dome.”

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