Compassionate Coaching

Compassionate Coaching for Leadership & Executives

When it comes down to it, if you want your team to participate in the marathon, you have to be the first one on the track. Change is an inside job. That can be a daunting reality if you haven’t spent your life immersed in this work.

Even more so if you don’t have much support. But if you’re sincere about cultivating belonging, and you’re committed to curiosity and growth, you may simply need the right coach.

“Working with Nancy is like dipping yourself into a fountain of knowledge. Her approach is intelligent, interesting, and impactful. After my 121 coaching session on the protocol, I have used it on many occasions especially when I am working with Executive Boards on tough subjects such as the intersection of racism and mental health.”Poppy Jaman, CEO of the City Mental Health Alliance, UK

“My organization hired Nancy to assist us in developing a certification program for HR professionals. When we started the process, we did not really have any idea of the magnitude of the knowledge that was necessary, the tools and internal resources needed. Nancy’s knowledge and expertise around adult learning and education were invaluable to us. We were able to develop a high-quality online training program for HR professionals that is not anywhere in our industry.” Terri Rhodes, Executive Director at DMEC

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