Compassionate Dialogue® Journey

The Compassionate Dialogue® Journey for Leadership and Executives provides a focused dive into important equity topics through brief lessons, videos, articles, activities, and short reflection opportunities.

On this journey, participants will learn Epoch Education’s RIR Protocol™ (Recognize It, Interrupt It, Repair It), which is our framework for engaging in Compassionate Dialogue® in order to address issues of inequity. Using the protocol helps develop skills for self-reflection, effective communication and provides a common language for examining systemic issues that exist organizationally.

The Compassionate Dialogue® Journey (CDJ) provides individuals and organizational workgroups with the space and community to explore implicit bias and the RIR Protocol™ for meaningful and compassionate dialogue at the personal and interpersonal levels. The 6 week course ask participants to engage in 2-3 hours per week for a total of 15.0 hours. Throughout their CDJ participants will be supported and challenged to develop effective communications skills with opportunities to practice leaning into their discomfort.

CDJ Program Overview

  • 15.0 hours
  • 6-week online experience
  • Online self-study
  • Practice RIR Protocol (Recognize, Interrupt, Repair)™
  • CDJ Portfolio Development
  • Optional (additional cost)
    • Online group RIR coaching by. organization/workgroups
  • 3 x 2-Hour Deep Dive Webinar
  • Optional: Participation in regularly offered Epoch Global Equity Community events

“Personally and professionally there are moments that make you Fight, Flight or Freeze – but now using techniques in Compassionate Dialogue that I learned through the CDJ, I can move from “freeze” into action as I transform a single offensive comment/circumstance into a healthy, empathetic and healing conversation pointed towards justice.”

Nikko Kimzin, Arts Consultant at Kimzin Creative

At the end of the compassionate dialogue journey participants will be able to implement the RIR Protocol™ at:

• Staff Meetings, School Board Meetings, External Stakeholder Meetings

• Executive Round Tables

• Monthly Organizational Calls/Webinars

• Racial Equity Cafes/Speaker Series/Film Series/Book Clubs

• Program Development Meetings

• HR Activities: staff recruitment, selection, hiring, training, retention, etc.

At the completion of the CDJ, participants receive:

• Certificate of completion for 15.0 hours (may be submitted to your organization for continuing education credits)

• LinkedIn, Email Badge

• Templates: RIR Protocol™ handout, Protocol activities, practice and feedback ideas

• Access to Epoch Global Equity Community online webinars, chats, and events

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