Compassionate Dialogue® Journey

“What if you could resolve problems or uncomfortable situations in ways that are meaningful and productive? What if you could learn from them, and learn more about yourself in the process? What if, instead of beating yourself up after the fact or not getting the result you wanted in the moment, you could connect more deeply or set better boundaries?”

In The Compassionate Dialogue Journey: A Workbook for Growth and Self-Discovery, Dr. Nancy Dome – equity consultant and the bestselling author of Let’s Talk About Race (and Other Hard Things) – not only shows us that these outcomes are possible . . . she tells us how to get there.  

Six easy-to-follow and interactive modules packed with prompts, practices, tools, and opportunities to reflect. As you complete your Compassionate Dialogue Journey, you’ll learn skills for self-reflection and effective communication that will ultimately provide a common language for examining bigger issues in ourselves, our relationships, and our world.

At the end of the Compassionate Dialogue Journey participants will be able to implement the RIR Protocol™ at:

  • Staff Meetings, School Board Meetings, External Stakeholder Meetings
  • Executive Round Tables
  • Monthly Organizational Calls/Webinars
  • Racial Equity Cafes/Speaker Series/Film Series/Book Clubs
  • Program Development Meetings
  • HR Activities: staff recruitment, selection, hiring, training, retention, etc.

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